Okay Tumblr, I’m going to need a photoset of Jennie Garth pretending to be a gym teacher on Mystery Girls and Dean Winchester pretending to be a gym teacher on Supernatural.  

Also, let’s talk about how cute the 90210 homage was on Mystery Girls.  Donna Martin Graduates!  

The Mowgli’s at AT&T Park!!! (@katiemowgli)

@BrunoMars was amazing tonight- his generation’s Frankie Valli, among other things! #concert #moonshinejungle

#piegons are my new #nemeses

Seen in a San Francisco furniture store.

Question1. A+ mixes, all the way around; thanks for sharing!! 2. I LOVE how much love you show Ben Howard. Everyone should be listening to him! Answer


Thank you so much! This made me smile :)

#Beatles cover band in MSP!

And now there’s an episode of House where a blonde Blair Waldorf throws herself at Dr. House because she has a spore in her brain. This whole show is a big game of, “Hey! It’s that guy!”

There’s an episode of House where Evan Chambers is dating Georgina Sparks and Georgina goes into allergic shock because Evan took penicillin and they did it. I am calking with laughter.